City of Edwardsville, Illinois – PUBLIC SAFETY HEADQUARTERS
Date & Time
Thursday, May 25, 2023, 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM

The City of Edwardsville commissioned FGMA to perform a space needs, feasibility and master plan study in preparation for a combined police and fire headquarters.

Both the city’s police and fire departments had outgrown their facilities. Using the information the study produced, a new combined headquarters station was designed to be located just south of downtown, which allows the departments to be operational during construction.

The new 51,500 sf facility houses the full police department and the fire department’s administration and primary firehouse functions.

A major challenge with any combined building is to design for shared space to save cost while also providing the appropriate separation of the departments for security and privacy. To accomplish this, the lobby, community room and fitness room were designed as shared spaces and logically centered between the departments with access controlled doors. The final plan allows for both departments to cohabitate while maintaining privacy. The public enters into an inviting two-story space which directs people to either the police or fire departments. The facility has a large training room which also serves as an emergency operation center and community room. The room is dividable to host several different events simultaneously, saving the city money. A major consideration for the city was that the facility had to be consistent with the overall historic architectural character of the buildings in the downtown area.

To accomplish this, material surveys of those buildings were taken to make sure the materials, such as limestone and brick, were complementary.

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