Fire Station of the Future
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Dennis Ross Patrick Stone

The global market is beginning to shift to electric vehicles, net-zero buildings, technology-heavy systems and many other forward-thinking ideas for a world responding to climate change and advanced IT. How will these impact your fire stations? How will current fire station designs evolve to accommodate electric apparatus, new technologies, net-zero facilities and upcoming trends? What about charging apparatus and other vehicles and managing the electric service into the building while dealing with local codes and ordinances for proper fire separation and fire suppression systems. Also, battery storage, drones and robots? Will biometrics become the new standard for health and fitness? Futuristic stations are closer than you think.

Location Name
Grand Ballroom D-G
Full Address
Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark
1 S Broadway St
St. Louis, MO 63102
United States
Learning Objectives
• Examine the trends of zero-emissions electric vehicles, their everyday use and storage
• See how the introduction of the electric apparatus will affect bay design, ventilation, clearances, fire protection, support spaces, appurtenances, etc.
• What are biometrics and what does it have to do with fire stations?
• How will dispatch be handled with constantly evolving communications technology?
• What will building spaces look like and how will these spaces respond to future tech?
• Explore ways to enhance bay support spaces to accommodate all electric
• See how drones, robots, specialized equipment, advanced communications, will shape the station and its infrastructure
• Identify progressive cities committed to reaching net zero emissions
• Discuss green infrastructure opportunities for potential rebates, funding, or incentives to move clients towards zero emissions
• Highlight key challenges to the implementation of future tech in today’s fire stations:
• Codes and Ordinances
• Occupational Safety
• Fire Separation and Fire Suppression
• Electric Battery Storage (Vehicles & Equipment)
• Charging of the Apparatus
• Virtual Reality
• Stations powered by a turboencabulator
• Living spaces and bunks
•Addition/renovation projects
• Forecast future technology and its potential issues:
•Drones, robotics, unmanned solar powered all-purpose rescue equipment
•Up and Coming Technological Advancements/Innovations
•Will we see hydrogen fueled vehicles?