Full Name
Fred Rambo
Job Title
RA – Vice President
Architects Design Group
Speaker Bio
Fred Rambo, RA is Architects Design Group’s Vice President of Project Development. Fred Received a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of South Florida. He has 20 years of project experience including public safety, municipal, museum, and commercial projects. During his career, Fred Rambo has held many roles, ranging from construction administration to project design. Notably, he has worked on numerous museum projects throughout the state of Florida. Fred’s museum experience includes an expansion and renovation for the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach.
Additionally, Fred is highly skilled in tracking details, communicating deadlines, and following‐up with consultants to ensure projects are completed on‐time and within budget. While dealing with the most critical of facilities, he is devoted to designing sophisticated projects that incorporate sustainable practices. Leveraging his experience as a project leader, Fred excels in finding innovative solutions, managing timelines, and working as part of a collaborative design team. Natural day lighting, solar shading, and energy-efficient design strategies are at the core of his philosophy.
Fred Rambo