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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Right Start for Your Public Safety Design
Designing Fire/Police & Public Safety Facilities for a Changing Climate and Sea Level Rise
A Combined Effort - How to Plan and Design a Successful Shared Public Safety Facility
Case Study: The Road to Station 3-Detour Ahead
How to be an Effective Client: Project Initiation
Operations-Based Design - Planning and Building Your Most Effective Police Station
What the Heck are Soft Costs?
Living Buildings and Emergency Facilities: A Path to Becoming Future Ready
Resilient Design Considerations for Law Enforcement Facilities

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Not Just a Garage: the Modern Apparatus Bay
The Dark Arts: Value Engineering
Foundational Station Design, Trends, and Innovations
How to Build Every Square Foot You Need, While Needing Every Square Foot You Build
The Study: Set Yourself Up for Success
CALEA and your Police Station: What you Need to Know
Planning and Design for a Modern Fire Station
Designing Interview Rooms
Identifying Common Construction Issues and Eliminate them Before they Start
Working with Extreme Site Constraints – A Case Study of Midland Fire Stations #5 and #11
EOC Activation Readiness and Public Safety Facilities Design Considerations
Food for Thought: Kitchen & Dining areas
How to Craft RFQs & RFPs to Get the Responses to Make the Best Design Team for your Project

Thursday, August 26, 2021